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We're savvy to all-things home related, community related, and technology related, providing you with a better way to sell and buy real estate in the greater Las Vegas, Nevada areas. 


We're experts in our trade, and with @ 10 years experience you know we provide an exceptional customer experience. Contact us, today. We're friendly to a variety of residential, commercial, and investment real estate needs.

Mark Fleysher, Las Vegas Realtor
Mark Fleysher, 702-291-8186
MBA, Broker, Realtor

Mark’s a well-networked active Las Vegas real estate specialist, family man, and friend. 

He’s an active leader in our industry, a top producer, who keeps connected and relative in the ever-changing industry.  

Want to meet Mark? try it… contact him! You may not believe it by looking at this photo, but you’ll find that he’s friendly, funny, smart, well-educated, and experienced.


Heather Poniewaz, Las Vegas Realtor
Heather Poniewaz, 702-291-8186
BACJ, Realtor, Transaction Coordinator

Heather is here to support our brokerage, from incoming communications and routing to document and agent coordination. 

Heather is here to ensure our customers that we stay connected, organized, and timely.


Stella Fleysher, Las Vegas Realtor
Stella Fleysher, 702-608-6461
AAMPD, Realtor

Stella’s a successful Realtor, who loves working with owner-occupied home sellers and buyers. 

Ready to find your dream home? Every month, Stella successfully helps 3-5 clients get into a home they desired, with boasting reviews on her timeliness and friendliness. 

Kelly Humphries, Las Vegas Realtor
Kelly Humphries, 702-592-5904

Kelly’s a successful Realtor, who loves working with residential home sellers and buyers, and takes pride in being friendly, timely, and an excellent negotiator. 

Kelly is also the founder of Junkyard Pirates, a leader in Las Vegas car and motorcycle building and restoration. Quickly gaining attraction on TV, video, print, and in-person car shows. 

Taylor VanderVoort, Las Vegas Realtor
Taylor VanderVoort, 702-813-9477
BS Psychology, Realtor

Taylor's focused on working with home sellers, and she's seeking new clients now. Though Taylor’s a newer Realtor, she's personally experienced with buying and selling, new construction, and has locally worked with lenders, title, and engineers (current). 

She's native to Las Vegas and UNLV, family oriented, technologically advanced, and comprehensive.

Think your fit for our team?
Think your fit for our team?

Contact us today to schedule an interview. 


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